it was thebestoffunny, it was the worst of funny…

im p sure that was the shadow of his hair on his ear

you could be right actually. the main things is. the rest seems to just be vibrating slightly

every time i reblog a cooldudebro post i lose a follower. weak ASS followers

i lose followers for cooldudebro posts which is weird because thats also how i gain them

time to slumber



when someone makes a post that isnt about doctor who


when someone makes a post that is about doctor whoimage

when someone comments on your positive post about doctor who  and turns it into a negative post about doctor who

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Are we friends

i dont have an appropriate doctor who gif for this but yeh

when youre still in denial about real life being so much better than nerd life

i like my friends :)


tbh I thirst follow matt cooldudebro

not really worth it tho

i havent lost enough followers. what are you doing.

i cannot wait to stamp my chill and cool presence into monster house. maybe i will spray paint outlines of myself around each room to make it even more omnipresent. 


Ya boy in the specs

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Matt Cooldudebro Is Grim

i like to firmly insert my presence into a social environment