butt cheeks are a sex organ


If you’re not familiar with Skepta then give this a listen

Grime/British Hip-Hop Legend

no i wont be anyones sugar daddy i want a sugar mommy

atm i think thats a good selfie but tomrrow ill hate it im sure

act like a wasteman nah thats not me

who is 110% erect?

i am. here. me.

how erect can we gect

i want to see 110% from you today

oh my god hes still replying apparently the woman in it is a very famous feminist idk why shes not very feminist at all i cant be bothered with this tbh hes like 24 

djklzonez replied to your post: i wish my testicles had skulls or rib …

imagine the sound of skulls constantly clashing every time you walked

i have that already just for different and cooler reasons

i wish my testicles had skulls or rib cages then we could all live in harmony 

why are jokes so hard to understand


My rooms almost as messy as I am